Nissan Sakura

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The city loving Nissan Sakura


Bigger is not always better. We think it's time to consider small. Smaller impact. Smaller costs. Smaller car. 

The Nissan Sakura is a small "kei" car. 4 very comfortable seats with all the bells and whistles you could want, wrapped up in a car that you'll never need to reverse park. 

Tech Specs


20kwh battery - only takes 8 hours to charge!
Type 1 AC and ChAdeMO DC charging ports 
Range of the car is around 150km. Perfect for all your city needs!
Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes, B Mode (B Mode engages the maximum level of regenerative braking, feeding energy back into your battery so you can go further on a single charge) 
Pro-Pilot adaptive cruise control 
Named after Japan's famous and much loved cherry blossom 🌺 what's not to love about that?!

And some of the fancy stuff

7-inch Advanced Drive Assist Display meter and a large 9-inch navigation display placed horizontally to allow viewing with minimal eye movement.

Sofa style seating - the most comfy car you've ever sat in!

Vehicle to Grid / Vehicle to Home capabilities

Heated front seats

Push button start

Hands free locking and unlocking

Reversing camera

Shiny alloy wheels

Good things come in small packages

Height: 1655mm (so much head room!)
Length: 3395mm 
Width: 1475mm  
Ground Clearance: 145mm
Cargo Space: 107 litres (perfect for the groceries)

Trip Planning in your Nissan Sakura

Information and tips for charging your Nissan Sakura

It's pretty important to know how and where you will charge your electric car.  Charging at home is the most convenient, cheapest, and the best approach for your battery. It's like charging your mobile phone. When you get home, just plug in your car and in the morning it will be charged and ready to go! The other essential charging infrastructure is the DC fast-chargers. These enable longer trips and are part of a growing network. See this website for a map of charging locations and this website, where you can plan your trip between charging stations.

Please note: The Nissan Sakura is imported from Japan.  As such they feature a ChAdeMO DC fast charge port allowing up to 100kw speeds and the J1772 (Type 1) plug allowing 3.5kw. 

"Plugshare": Find all the chargers in the world!

Home charging - EVSE

Destination charging

"A Better Route Planner" is awesome

Home charging - Type 2 charger

DC fast charging

Sakura facing left