National ZEV Stamp Duty Rebate 

The Good Car Co Zero Emission Vehicle Stamp Duty Rebate provides eligible Australians a rebate on their stamp duty for a second hand Zero Emission Vehicles purchased from Good Car Co from the 15th of March 2024 to the 17th of April 2024.


Program information

A ZEV refers to a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) only.

 This subsidy is intended to make purchasing second hand entry level ZEV’s more affordable for more lower income households, businesses and organisations.

The EV Stamp Duty Rebate is limited to:

  • one rebate per individual
  • up to five rebates per Australian Not For Profits, Social Enterprises, B-Corps, and small business.

The Good Car Rebate aims to encourage individuals, organisations and businesses across Australia to purchase a second-hand ZEV instead of an internal combustion engine vehicle.

Good Car Co is administering the second-hand EV Stamp Duty Rebate in response to the lack of state Governments support for EV schemes which target lower income households, organisations and small businesses. This Rebate is designed to be a case study for more effective policy to address the ever widening equity gap.

Am I eligible?

The EV Rebate Scheme is open to:

  • All Australian residents with a current and valid driver license (international and interstate driver licenses are fine). You do not need to or provide any evidence to prove residency as everyone should have access to affordable transport. 
  • Australian registered Not For Profits, Social Enterprises, B-Corps, community groups, clubs and associations and small business. 

For a EV to be considered eligible for a rebate it must be:

  • a light passenger or light commercial EV model only
  • a second-hand EV, which is being purchased from Good Car Co for the first time.

*Dealer delivery charges, registration fees and insurance are not included as part of the Stamp Duty Rebate.

How to apply

Our rebate is designed to help everyone transition to electric. Simply purchase the 100% electric Good Car of your dreams.

We'll then calculate your rebate and apply this to your invoice.

Saving money and the planet - Whoo! 😊🌎

Sign our Petition

Not everyone is buying an EV today, but the least we can do is help other folks buy an EV tomorrow. Complete our petition to urge State and Federal Government to design effective policy to bridge the equity gap and make EVs accessible to all.