Can't find the car of your dreams? We'll find it for you.

Our expert team can help you import a specific car, backed by
our Good Car Guarantee, ensuring the highest quality and confidence in your next EV. We are currently able to source:

Nissan Leaf Ze1 e+ - Our favourite leaf 

 Nissan Sakura - Japan's most popular EV

VW e-Golf - All the style and charm of Europe

- more models to come! -


Nissan Sakura for special order page (2)

Nissan Sakura

Year 2022 +

Japan's most loved mini "kei" car is and one of the smallest EV in the world. 

  • 20kWh battery
  • 180km range WLTP, GoodCar real world 150km range in the city
  • Fully Automatic with Eco-mode, B-mode regeneration and e-pedal
  • Reverse Camera
  • Pro-Pilot adaptive cruise control 
  • Type 1 AC and ChAdeMO DC Fast charging ports 
  • Small but spacious, super comfortable 4 seater city loving EV!
  • Near new condition
  • Under 20,000km


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VW golf

VW e-Golf

2017 +

Sleek European styling, the VW Golf is the car you know and love, but better!

  • 38.5 kWh battery
  • 230 km range based on WLTP
  • Fully Automatic with eco-mode
  • Reverse Camera
  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • 9 Airbags
  • Type 1 AC and ChAdeMO DC Fast charging ports 


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Nissan Leaf e+

YEAR 2019 +

One of the first and best EV's around

  • 62kWh battery
  • 270 - 320km real world range - tested by Leaf lovers (385km range WLTP)
  • Fully Automatic with eco-mode, B-mode regeneration and e-pedal one foot driving
  • Reverse camera
  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Advanced driver assistance
  • Heated seats and steering wheel
  • Type 1 AC and ChAdeMO DC fast charging ports 
  • Minor signs of use appropriate to a vehicle of this age
  • Around 50,000km


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How It Works

Once we have received your order form, we'll send out:

  1. A $200** invoice from Stripe for you to pay via credit or debit card.

    Once payment has been received, we will then send:

  2. A contract, directly from our document management software DropboxSign.
  3. A Milestone 1 Invoice from our accounting software Xero.

Our contract is for us to be your Import Agent to import you a car. It sets out that we have permission to carry out all the steps needed to secure your car from overseas. 

Your Milestone 1 invoice covers the auction price plus freight and service charges. By asking you to pay upfront for the vehicle cost, we can buy without delay to ensure you get the best possible car, as quickly as possible.

Once you've signed your contract and paid your Milestone 1 invoice, we will start looking high and low for your new car!

Once we have found it, we'll begin the import process:

  1. Your car will get a first class boat ride to Australia.
  2. Once it has passed customs, it will go to our service partners for it's compliance plate and language updates.
  3. We'll issue your Milestone 2 invoice for the final balance of the car. 
  4. The final step will be delivery of your new EV to our partner mechanic near you to complete the RWC and final checks.
  5. Your car is now ready to collect and be registered so you can hit the road. 

*Does not include on-road costs (domestic shipping and registration/insurance). 

**Non-refundable to cover admin and processing fees.

You can view our warranty & Policies documents below.