Southern Tasmania electric vehicle bulk-buy- HAS CLOSED for enrollment - CARS WILL BE DELIVERED IN FEBRUARY 2021


The Good Car Company presenTs the southern tasmania electric vehicle bulk-buy

“Affordable” + “Electric Car” are words we have not been able to put together before. We are proud to be able to deliver a range of affordable electric vehicles to kickstart the decarbonisation of transport and solidify the Tasmania’s reputation as a clean island state.

Other benefits of choosing an electric vehicle through a bulk-buy include:

  • Lower fuel costs, less maintenance and lower cost of living;

  • Access to affordable and quality electric vehicles;

  • Bundled deals for installing home charging;

  • Zero particulates and no fumes on cold mornings;

  • Avoid service stations, holiday price gouging & oil wars; and

  • Great driving experience, fully automatic with hill-start assist.



We are presenting a range of 100% electric, late model Nissan vehicles.

  • 62kWh ZE1 e+ Leaf (2017-19) - 340km range for around $52,000

  • 40kWh ZE1 Leaf (2017-19) - 220km range for around $39,000

  • 30kWh AZEO Leaf (2015-17) - 160km range for around $29,000

  • 24kWh AZEO Leaf (2013-15) - 120km range for around $19,000

  • 24kWh eNV200 Electric 7 seater Wagon - 100km range for around $29,000

  • 24kWh eNV200 Electric 2 seater Van - 100km range for around $25,000


WHAT is the process?

  • The bulk-buy is launched on 17 September 2020

  • Weekly email bulletins and online zoom sessions to provide details on the models, range and battery

  • Opportunity to test drive cars and meet participants from previous bulk-buys

  • Offer Closes October 17

  • Cars are purchased, shipped and delivered in February 2021


Electric cars + clean energy. The ideal way to transform our beautiful state.
— anthony broese van groenou