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Good Car Co EV Education & Advocacy

Social enterprise certification

Certified Social Enterprise

Community education, social equity and climate action.

50% profits for the planet

Good ways to go electric


1. Novate Lease any EV

You can decarbonise your ride and save tax at the same time!

New FBT tax changes can save you thousands every year when you novate your lease.  We arrange everything between your workplace, dealers and finance companies.

Community is at the heart of our business

We started the Good Car Company because we are in a climate crisis. We recognised the importance of switching to electric vehicles (EVs), but there were no affordable options available. So we imported one. We then launched the worlds first community EV bulk-buy in our local community and imported a bunch.

A special thanks to Boundless Earth and Cameron Adams for their generous support in accelerating the uptake of EVs in Australia. Read more.

We now work with communities throughout Australia to deliver affordable EVs.  We also provide a unique marketplace for affordable, high quality EVs.  

We are proud to be doing our part to transition to a sustainable future, one car at a time.

Save thousands in fuel, every year!

Below is an annual fuel cost comparison between a petrol and electric vehicle.
If you include servicing costs, the savings would be even greater.

Assumptions: Compares 14,000km of driving per annum between a Nissan Leaf with late model Toyota Corolla (6l/100km).
Assumes a petrol price of $2.00 per litre, off peak power at 19c/kWh and Solar Feed In Tariff 8c/kWh

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Each electric vehicle saves 2.7 tonnes of CO2-emissions every year!