We value your feedback

We are here to assist and value your feedback

Good Car Co. are committed to continually improving the products and services we provide by welcoming feedback from customers and our community.

We want to ensure that any person or organisation using our services or affected by our operations, has the right to lodge a complaint or to appeal a decision of the organisation.

We value your feedback and commit to resolving issues quickly, fairly, efficiently and with courtesy. Your rights to confidentiality, access, equity, and transparency shall be maintained throughout the complaints handling process.

The intent of this policy is to:

  • provide a means for receiving complaints or feedback 
  • encourage the reporting of workplace complaints and issues
  • is easily accessed and practical
  • is understood by our customers and other stakeholders
  • meets the requirements of our business in alignment with our products and services
  • provides for a fair, equitable and timely response
  • is in compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.

If you would like to provide feedback or make a complaint please do so by using the feedback form on this page, or the contact details below.

Good Car Co. feedback form

Email: info@goodcar.co

Phone Number: +613 6121 4624

Business Hours : 9am – 5pm (Monday - Friday)

You can also mail any correspondence to us at:

Address: Level 5/24 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000