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About Us

How It All Started

We started the Good Car Company with the goal of creating a cleaner, safer and healthier Australia. As three environmental scientists, we are unlikely founders of a car business...but desperate times call for desperate measures.

We felt terrible about every puff of smoke from our cars that was contributing to the climate crisis. We recognised the importance of switching to electric vehicles (EVs), but there were no affordable options available. So we imported one! We then worked with our community to create the worlds first community electric vehicle bulk-buy. We are now delivering hundreds of cars all around Australia.

We are at a critical moment in history, where urgent action is needed to reverse the effects of global warming.  Electric vehicles are one of many solutions that when deployed at scale will massively reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere ensuring a better future for us all.  

Through our community bulk-buys, we have demonstrated the appetite for affordable electric vehicles in Australia.  We help to advocate for investment in charging stations and apply pressure to conventional car dealers to lower their prices and expand their range of electric vehicles in Australia. 

The Good Car Company’s goal is to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia and in doing so, save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions. 

We are proud to be doing our part to transition to a sustainable future, one good car at a time. 

Anthony + Sam + Anton (Co-founders)


We exist to decarbonise transport

We are proud to deliver quality, affordable electric cars and vans across Australia. We keep our prices low by selling low kilometre pre-owned and new electric vehicles from the UK and Japan. By purchasing an electric car through the Good Car Co you can enjoy fun, clean and cost-effective driving while taking meaningful action to reduce your carbon footprint.  

We are more than a car dealership, we are working as change agents. As a social enterprise, we are committed to investing in community EV education programs and carbon reduction advocacy. We actively work with local and state Governments to improve EV policy. We contribute to social and environmental organisations by providing information, workshops and presentations.  We align ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Climate action  

If you want to go electric and support Australia's most progressive EV team, contact us today.

The Team

Anthony Broese van Groenou

Co-founder, Co- CEO

Anthony is a sustainability expert and PhD researcher. His other hats are in Community Owned Renewable Energy and multimedia (film, photo, web). He loves connecting the dots and bringing communities together.

Sam Whitehead

Co-founder, Co-CEO

Sam is an environmental scientist with 20 years of experience. He is detailed-focused and works with data to address global-scale challenges. His focus is now on enabling Australians to decarbonise their transport.

Xiaoxiao Dong


With years of experiences in the banking industry, Charlotte has a keen eye for detail and is very passionate in her role here at the Good Car, making it her mission to make the world greener along with the rest of the team!

Jess Johnstone

Customer and Sales Support

Jess is one of our customer and support team. With a background in automotive and a passion for sustainable living she can help inform your purchasing decisions and ensure your car arrives in tip-top condition.

Alex Thomsen

Customer and Sales Support

Alex is one of our customer and support team members. He is passionate about the environment and excited to help you drive into a clean transport future.

Joe Stuart


With years of experience in logistics, warehousing, organic produce wholesales and distribution and wine making, Joe is a "natural" fit for our car logistics team. Joe is a delight to chat to, and passionate about decarbonising the planet

Anton Vikstrom


Anton has worked for over twenty years on projects to improve sustainability. From solar power projects in Timor Leste to energy efficiency in Tasmania, he is 100% committed to a safe climate for all. Anton has stepped away from Good Car Co and is now working on permaculture projects.

Our Partners