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Why we love the Leaf

The Nissan Leaf ticks so many boxes when it comes to quality and affordability.

And we think you'll love yours too :)

When we started the Good Car Company back in 2019, there were hardly any EVs available in Australia, let alone pre-loved affordable options. So we started importing them from Japan. Since then, we’ve continued to love the Leaf for many reasons and so have more than 600 Good Car Co. customers!
By bringing the Leaf to Australia in this way, we can make EV's affordable for many more people and accelerate the decarbonisation of our communities.  Here's a whole bunch of reasons we love the Leaf and think you will too when looking to make the switch to 100% electric. 

Proven performance and reliability you can trust

Affordability and a range of car and price options

Ahead of its time in innovation and features

Surprisingly spacious :)

See for yourself how the Leaf stacks up against others like MG4 and BYD Atto 3

The Leaf has some of the lowest emissions and cost of ownership across its entire life!

Battery and servicing

Safety features to rival any EV in this space.

Amazing around town and on the highway

Hop inside the leaf

Have a look at these quick tours of the leaf with our very first customer ever and our Co Founder Anton as they walk you through the Nissan leaf.

FUN FACT: If you're wondering about space, Anton is over 6 feet tall :) 

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We have some of the most affordable quality EVs on offer in our Good Car marketplace. View our selection below

Meet the AZEO and ZE1



We know there's a lot to take in when thinking about your next car purchase. So below we've tried to sum up the differences, choices and options across both models to help you in finding the best car for your needs.  

The AZEO was the first car we imported and is our most affordable option. With the smaller battery size, they are best suited for local travel needs.  We like to think of these cars as the daily commuter.
2017 heralded a change in the little leafs appearance and features with the ZE1. This generation comes with a great variety of features and options to choose from. Our favourite is the e-pedal. This enables you to increase regenerative braking to the point where you can drive the car with a single pedal.

Find the model and size that suits your EV needs

Range 24kWh — 90-120 km highway/town
30kWh — 120-150 km highway/town
40kWh — 200-230 km highway/town
62kWh — 300-350 km highway/town
Safety features 5 Star ANCAP
pedestrian alert sounds
collision warning
parking sensors
5 Star ANCAP
pedestrian alert sounds
collision warning
parking sensors
Airbags 2 - 10 10
Reverse Camera Yes
+ 360° view on higher trims
+ 360° view on higher trims
Cruise control Yes Yes
+ pro-pilot adaptive on higher trims
E-pedal - one pedal driving and increased regenerative breaking No Yes
Eco mode and B mode (regenerative braking) Yes Yes
Heated seats and steering wheel Yes Yes
Charging connectivity Type 1/ CHAdeMO Type 1/ CHAdeMO
AC Home charging speeds Max 3.3 kW
10km range per hour
Max 3.3/6.6kW
10km range per hour
DC Fast Charging speeds 50kW 50kW
Lane assist Yes Yes

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"They did everything, sent us pictures all the time kept us informed, answered our questions on all our texts on time. It was like buying a new car. Oh well, I'd certainly recommend going for Good Car Company. Amazing amazing company, very honest and very down to earth is what I was looking for no second-hand crappy car salesman."

Ashi & Mike Edwards

"My favorite thing about the car is being able to drive without the guilt factor and being able to sleep at night my second favorite thing is the electric warmer seats."

Rosie Berry

"It's very smooth to drive, its just fantastic. Takes like around less that 500 a year to run burst out our old petrol which was around two to three thousand a year."

Elisia & Amos

"I actually think the driving experience is the thing that's really satisfying to me its quite smooth, it's got torque and acceleration from the standstill. "

Jeremy Young

"I picked up the car Tuesday. I’ve never liked cars and find driving a chore… but driving an EV is a completely different experience. I still only drive to get things done, but you could almost describe it as a pleasure…. Thank you so much for making owning an EV affordable for me, and making the whole process (despite barriers put up by state and federal governments) relatively easy. The hardest part was dealing with Transport Main Roads.. as well as the wait. But I appreciate your assistance."


"We’re both very grateful to Good Car Co for showing us that it was possible to get an EV in our budget, and will be happy refer you to anybody that shows an interest in decarbonising their transport."


"I have a very basic understanding of how cars work and what elements make a car good. The elements of a car that I value are pretty much the very superficial elements, such as comfort, style, and cool factor. Now all cars have this and to all varying degrees. But not all cars can tick all the boxes in the high column, the Nissan Leaf all-electric car, well it’s strikingly high. The smoothness and comfort of the car are excellent, even though it’s a small car it doesn’t feel it, not even when you are sitting in the back seats this is because the roof arches upward in your line of vision. The Nissan Leaf has a range of colours and combos which ticks the style box. And last but not least the cool factor, to start its 100% electric when you drive it feels like you’re in a vehicle that would come from ‘Back to the Future, when driving it is so smooth and silent, but it can also accelerate from standing still in a way no fuel guzzling car can which just adds another element to this Nissan Leaf that is unbeatable."


"I never anticipated that the arrival of our new car, a pure electric Nissan Leaf, would be so exciting. While for us buying a “new” car was a stretch to the family budget, being able to do so through a novated lease has reduced the cost of borrowing money and I am confident we will be financially ahead, compared to keeping our current car. More importantly, we are no longer be contributing to climate warming when we drive... and it really is a fun car. It has great acceleration, a spacious interior and generous luggage area, and is so quiet. The Good Car Company have been wonderful to work with in buying this imported, as a new, car. It is a turning point for us, as a one-car family, to switch from an expensive 7person people mover and the ability to tow our camper trailer to a 5 person EV. The reality is that we look forward to an almost zero maintenance bill, a negligible fuel bill and are truly proud that, as a family, we are committed in a practical way to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. From talking to other EV owners, we see no problem recharging for almost all our travel, including driving to Sydney to visit family and when we want to get away with the camper trailer, we will hire an ICE vehicle and still be financially (and environmentally) better off than owning one. We are also looking into making our little EV available on a carsharing platform so neighbours can rent it by the hour or day to reduce their emissions when we don’t need it and also experience first-hand the joy of driving an electric vehicle. I’m also excited that by participating in this bulk buy we are doubling the number of EV's in Geelong! I hope each year going forward that Geelong can more than double the number of electric cars on our roads so that within 10 years transport will no longer be contributing almost 30% of our region’s greenhouse gas emissions."


"Thank you very much for our new EV. It is very exciting to have it (even if it isn't getting driven much at the moment) and know I can drive guilt-free. But you guys have made the whole decision and purchasing, easy. Firstly a genuine experience, rather than cars salespeople; and then through to sharing your knowledge and being very open and clear about how the whole process works. Partnering in the ACT with Tim at Ainslie Motors is also good - he was extremely helpful when we picked the car up from him and answered lots of questions. Before the ACT was locked down we were enjoying exploring what the car was capable of and testing our own range anxiety (we have come from a car with a range of 900+km) with our last trip an outing into Namadgi National Park, a round trip of ~130 km with some decent hills, starting with ~75% charge. I'm sure with your experience you would think nothing of that, knowing how the car will use battery on the ups and regen braking, but it was fascinating for us to see the nominal range go down and up. Once again, thanks."


"​​The process of buying our Nissan Leaf in this way was wonderful. It was a bit scary taking the plunge to buy a car based on a few photos and a description, but we have recently taken delivery of a Nissan Leaf. We are delighted."

Tom and Elizabeth

"I’d like to say a big thank you to you and the team for organising the bulk buy, not to mention educating us in the process. It was a great experience and I’m excited to finally go electric. I hope you all realize how much of a positive impact you’re having on individuals, families, and communities with your hard work."


"Hullo. Learnt about you thru membership of ATA and the Renew magazine. Bloody good job all of you!. I have long been interested in an electric car but on the lower edge of affording one. Me: 71yo part pension, wife about to retire also will be on a part pension. As birdos who often get off the bitumen, we have budgeted $30000 for a near new SUV eg Outlander or Forester. But IPCC reports were worse than I expected so starting to investigate my options to reduce pollution further. So looked at your site to see what the options are. Best wishes and keep in touch. "


"My feedback is all positive. The car is fantastic - in new condition. The information and updates provided by the Good Car Co were good. Tim the mechanic was really helpful. I am happy to be contacted by individuals considering switching to an electric car and happy rot share pictures of myself and my car."


"We’re both very grateful to Good Car Co for showing us that it was possible to get an EV in our budget, and will be happy to refer you to anybody that shows an interest in decarbonising their transport,"

David and Jess

"Hi. The car looks great and even came with a few things we were not expecting! (ie lockable charge port cover, heavy duty floor mats and a false floor storage thingy for the boot!) Couple of things to mention-
1. The key you posted does not work but the mechanic had two that do so all good. We tried the posted key on the other leafs and it does not operate them either. What would you like me to do with it?
2. I requested a car with a 6kw charger and you confirmed this particular car had one in a previous email. Unfortunately on delving into the menus the screen display in pic below seems to indicate I only have the 3kw charger? If this is correct I can live with it as rest of the car is great but am disappointed this was not communicated correctly (I planned to install a Zappi to charge up quickly with my surplus solar but not much point if limited to 3kw) Otherwise all good. Am very happy with the car and the service and going electric! "


"Thank you for dealing with all the processes that are required to find a suitable car, purchase, transport, export/import, detail, and make roadworthy in Australia, all "behind the scene" from my point of view. You made purchasing a second-hand Leaf feel like I was buying a brand new car. After one full day with the car, I am comfortable with the way it drives especially the regen mode, and how easy it is to charge. A shout out to Tim at CWC Auto Services for taking his time with me when I picked up the car, he was very helpful and patient. He also sent me the Quick Reference Guide for the Leaf. Just one thing with the checklist when we picked up the vehicle; there was no jack. Everything else was fine; we even got a bonus dashcam. Rego was straightforward. A bit disappointing the ACT government charged sales tax (only new EVs are exempt), but can't really complain as they did not charge registration. The NRMA ripped into us a bit for the insurance. All in all, I'm very happy with the first 24 hours with the Leaf. I'm happy to talk to people thinking of buying a Leaf. Thank you for making this purchase so trouble-free."


"Just a note to say a big 'Thank You' for your work to procure, ship and prepare my new car. Plus your ongoing updates and advice. It is GORGEOUS, in immaculate condition, almost brand new at under 3000km. It totally exceeded my expectations. I picked it up on Friday and Tim at CWC Auto was so good and patient with me as I was terrified to drive it away in the freezing, grey sleet of a 6 degree Canberra day. I made it home and steered into my narrow drive/garage amid beeps and warnings, then needed a day to recover before seeing if I could back my beautiful baby out!! I did, slowly...My trusty old 2008 Mazda has no bells and whistles - touch screen, camera, cruise control, alerts, auto pilot…the list is endless so Mr 'Leif Eriksen' is certainly a step up. So flash I feel intimidated but I’m sure that will pass. Anyway, I want to thank you for your terrific work and wish you good luck with your Geelong bulk buy. "


"I'm just contacting you to let you know that I registered for the Geelong Bulk purchase but have had to buy a car previously simply because of necessity. I attended the zoom info session and was so impressed and encouraged by all the work you have done in an incredibly short time and as soon as we are in a position to buy an EV vehicle, we will. Thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful way you have let people know how to become part of this much-needed change of thinking."


"Just want to say thank you for your helpfulness In facilitating my purchase of my beautiful little Leaf. I love it & so does everyone who has seen it. I'm becoming the de facto chauffeur for my activist friends & today is my first in that role. We'll glide silently & stealthily to the premises of one of the companies that is enabling the building of the ghastly Adani Galilee mine. I'm engaging now with some women who want to hold an EV rally in Manly under banners that might read something like "birds with batteries", "girls off the grid" and then parking somewhere central so peeps can actually have a close-up look at the EVs to see how cute & clean they are. After the trucking company did the wrong thing & the car had to go to Dee Why for final preps, Armen at the Auto place there organized ctp slip with QBE after my attempts with GIO were fruitless. He took me step by step through the checklist & had the car looking brand new. He was great. I drove away Monday 7th June feeling elated. Thanks again for your inspirational initiative, attention to detail, vivid videos & clear instruction every step of the way - not to mention your patience with novices like me. "


"We picked up our new car yesterday. Tim from CWC Auto Services was excellent – very helpful and really knew his stuff. Registration went pretty smoothly, with two years of free rego in the ACT acknowledged. So, the car is on the road and we’re loving it! Thanks to everyone at Good Car Company for all your effort and support."

Felix & Ann

"We recently promised ourselves that we would never buy another fossil fuel car and the Good Car Company helped us follow through on that promise. We love knowing we will never go to a petrol station again I'm surprised at how incredibly nice it is to drive. The pro-pilot cruise control makes it safer and easier driving in traffic. And Julie, who isn’t normally very keen to drive, wants to drive this car because it's so much nicer!"


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