Pure Electric registrations heaps higher than hybrids in New Zealand

In New Zealand, second-hand Nissan Leafs make up a very significant proportion of the country’s electric vehicle fleet, as shown in this graph from the NZ Department of Transport website.


Pure EV’s are more popular than plug-in Hybrids


The Nissan Leaf has been around now for nearly a decade, with the first 2011/2012 Leafs sporting a modest 117km driving range (based on the relatively accurate US EPA rating) and 24kWh battery. Subsequent Leafs received boosted range with technical improvements and from 2016 onwards, an increased 30kWh battery increased the EPA-rated range to 172km and the new ze1 models offering a 40kWh battery and driving range up to 250km.

Here in Australia we are working on encouraging EV uptake by providing affordable options. As a country, we are still miles behind NZ in EV uptake.

Anthony Broese van Groenou

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