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The cars on offer

Here is an example of the types of cars we get in stock. Use these as a price guide for the calculator above. Once you have pre-approval for your Novated Lease, we will be back in touch with a list of available cars ready for you to choose from.


Polestar 2
Standard Range Single Motor
from $185 per week*

*includes all running costs!

  • 445-478km range
  • 19” alloy wheels
  • Heated seats
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Google built in and Apple CarPlay
  • Dual zone climate control

Polestar 2
Extended Range Single Motor
from $201 per week*

*includes all running costs!

  • 515-551km range
  • Premium Paint options
  • Pilot Lite pack with blind spot alert, cross traffic alert, rear collision warning, adaptive cruise control, 360* camera, auto dimming side mirrors, park assist and LED fog lights

Polestar 2
Long Range Dual Motor AWD
from $215 per week*

*includes all running costs!

  • 455-487km range
  • Premium Paint options
  • Pilot Lite pack with blind spot alert, cross traffic alert, rear collision warning, adaptive cruise control, 360* camera, auto dimming side mirrors, park assist and LED fog lights

A Novated Lease that gives back

As a social enterprise, we are committed to investing in community EV education programs and carbon reduction advocacy. So the money made from your lease helps us to continue our work, and it doesn’t stop there. Your lease helps other organisations take positive climate action as well.

$500 from each Polestar 2 leased through us, and $300 from each other type of EV leased through us will be donated to one of our charity partners. If you are an employer keen to offer Novated Leasing to your employees, and you have a community and climate focused charity that you already support, we would love to help! If not, then each month we will support one of these two fantastic organisations who are doing great work.

Tasmanian Land ConservancyThe TLC is a not-for-profit, apolitical, science and community-based organisation that raises funds from the public to protect irreplaceable sites and rare ecosystems by buying and managing private land in Tasmania.

Established in 2001 with $50 in the bank and a handful of committed volunteers, TLC have grown to be one of Tasmania's largest private landholders. Through their reserves, work with landowners and a revolving fund, TLC are helping to protect critical habitat for the unique array of Tasmanian plants and wildlife, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

A contribution from Novated Lease vehicles delivered in the months January, March, May, July, September and November will support Tasmanian Land Conservancy.


Credit: Andy Townsend

Pollinate 1

pollinate_logoPollinate Group empowers women as leaders of change to distribute household products, such as solar lights and cooking appliances, that improve health, save time and save money for the world’s most neglected communities in India and Nepal.

They identify, train and develop local women entrepreneurs who serve hard to reach families living on less than US$1.90 a day. Women entrepreneurs earn respect and meaningful income and act as role models who raise awareness about better product alternatives.

A contribution from Novated Lease vehicles delivered in the months February, April, June, August, October and December will support Pollinate Group.

The process is simple




What running costs are included in the lease?

What running costs are included in the lease?

To enable you to claim the optimum tax benefit including the GST savings Vehicle Solutions Australia adds all vehicle runnings costs to the package. These include; lease, all scheduled services, tyres, re-registration and insurance renewals. You will always be able to add or remove any of these running costs from your package at any time.
Who is our Leasing Partner?

Who is our Leasing Partner?

Choosing the right provider is key. Employees need access to simple transparent information and local support to make informed decisions. Getting the correct information, the right EV for you and the lowest lease payment, with the ability to ask questions is central to their process.  Vehicle Solutions Australia has been providing completely outsourced Novated Leases to both the private and Government sectors for over 15 years. This includes most Federal and State Government departments as well as a long list of small to medium sized private businesses. They are friendly, transparent and 100% EV ready.
Do I pay GST on the car?

Do I pay GST on the car?

The simple answer is no, however this works in the following manner. The leasing company pays the dealership the GST included in the purchase and they claim the total amount. This means you are financing the car GST exclusive. The payments on the lease include GST however as you are Salary Packaging the car through your work the GST is claimed by your employer and this tax saving is passed on to you. This is an ATO guideline used by all Salary Packaging companies.
Do I need to do anything at tax time?

Do I need to do anything at tax time?

No. That is one of the many benefits of Salary Packaging. You get the benefits of the end of year tax savings in every pay rather than waiting. So at the end of the tax year your employer will issue your Group Certificate showing your reduced pay and reduced tax. Nothing more for you to do.
What happens at the end of my lease?

What happens at the end of my lease?

The car is yours and is 100% your responsibility. At the end of your lease, your options include:
  • paying out the residual value, keeping the car and owning the car outright
  • trading the car in, paying out the residual value, then novate leasing a new car
  • re-lease the residual value over a new term and keep the car
A residual value is deemed by the ATO as the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. The market value may be considerably more.
What happens if I leave my job?

What happens if I leave my job?

You have a number of options
  • We can contact your new employer and discuss re-establishing your package with them.
  • Your new employer may have already established a relationship with another Salary Packaging provider. We will cancel your package and transfer all money held with Vehicle Solutions Australia to the new provider or back to your current employer.

If your new employer does not want to take on your package, we simply cancel your package and you will be responsible to make all required payments in after tax income as you would have without salary packaging.

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  • Look to reduce your business carbon footprint and Scope 3 emissions on the path to Net Zero
  • Simple onboarding process - 100% supported by Good Car Co and our leasing partner

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