Government incentives for all EVs

Rebates and subsidies should be available for pre-loved, affordable vehicles - not just new, expensive ones!

The absence of targeted EV subsidies for more affordable electric vehicles mean middle and lower income Australian households remain thousands per year worse off and locked out of EV ownership.

Action now!

While new electric vehicles receive some subsidies or rebates in many states, they only apply to expensive new EVs and have failed to benefit lower income households.

We want all States to offer incentives and rebates on used EV's as well as new, so everyone has a choice and the ability to go electric. 

Add your voice and help accelerate this transition to cleaner transport for all 

With approximately 15 million petrol cars still on our roads and transport emissions continuing to rise, supporting the shift to affordable EVs can play a pivotal role in curbing pollution and fostering a more sustainable future for Australia. EV's a clean, quiet and safe and will improve the driving experience for everyone. 

We urgently appeal to federal and state governments to develop targeted subsidies/rebates/incentives to assist all Australians to make the switch to affordable electric vehicles. 

What your signature means

Your signatures will be compiled and included in our representations to key decision makers in Government. The more signatures we have, the higher the likelihood that we can get their attention. In addition to signing our petition, we encourage you to reach out to all or some of these people independently to keep the pressure up.

Electorate Rationale Contact
Catherine King Ballarat Lead responsible minister
Chris Bowen McMahon Second responsible minister
Carol Brown Senate Assistant transport minister
Jenny McAllister Senate Assistant climate + energy minister
Matt Burnell Spence Outer suburban Adelaide
Alison Byrnes Cunnungham Regional NSW
Andrew Charlton Parramatta Outer suburban Sydney
Lisa Chesters Bendigo Regional VIC
Libby Coker Corangamite Regional VIC
Cassandra Fernando Holt Outer suburban Melbourne
Mike Freelander Macarthur Outer suburban Sydney
Luke Gosling Solomon Suburban Darwin
Jerome Laxale Bennelong Outer suburban Sydney
Louise Miller-Frost Boothby Outer suburban Adelaide
Rob Mitchell McEwen Regional VIC
Fiona Phillips Gilmore Regional NSW
Gordon Reid Robertson Regional NSW
Dan Repacholi Hunter Regional NSW
Tracey Roberts Pearce Outer suburban Perth
Marian Scrymgour Lingiari Regional NT
Meryl Swanson Patterson Regional NSW
Susan Templeman Macquarie Regional NSW
Tony Zappia Makin Outer suburban Adelaide