7-seater fun van...introducing the eNV200


Getting the full family into an electric car can sometimes be a space squeeze. So we are happy to be presenting the great 7-seater eNV200 Van. It isn’t a huge van but is great for family, friends and a whole lot of fun stuff. Currently, we are supplying a 100km range eNV200 in 7-seater and 5-seat trade van.  We can also supply the 2 seater commercial van.

These vans come with AC and DC fast charging, sliding doors on both sides, and an awesome zippy driving experience. They are ideal for urban runabout with the family or as commercial delivery/trade vans and an added benefit over diesel and petrol van (aside from the stink) is that the electric motor provided instant torque. Driving is seamless and smooth.

For even more cargo room, the two seats in the third row can be folded up against the interior walls of the car. The centre-row three-person seat can also be folded forward out of the way, further increasing load capacity. With all the seats pushed out of the way, the eNV200 can easily take 3 bikes with the front wheels still attached.  The five-seat model capable of holding between 2,270 and 3,100 litres of luggage, depending on whether or not you have the rear seats in place.

The e-NV200 makes perfect sense for transporting people or goods in urban settings

We are looking forward to expanding the range of van models in 2021, especially vans with over 300km range. Check out our van-video staring the youngest members of the Good Car Team!