Electric Vans are here to play their part in the clean transport mix

Electric Vans address an important part of the mix and play a big role in the decarbonisation of our our transport system in Australia. And Good Car are helping bring this to reality with some great options starting to come through. 

When we look at the impact that making the switch to 100% electric for an average household has in reducing transport emissions (2.6 tonnes per car every year!), you can only imagine what happens every time we take a fossil fuel driven commercial vehicle out of the emissions mix. 

The time has come where business can start to reimagine their options. And they're available now! Check out the below. 

We get an ever growing number of business owners enquiring on when and how they can start to make the switch to lower cost and lower emission transport options. 

Guess what? Good Car Co just got their hands on an amazing range of near new 100% electric vans! 

After all if we're going to accelerate the path to clean transport this is a critical space in the commercial sector to support. The great news is Small and Medium enterprises are looking at solutions maybe sooner than they think. 

For instance. If you're a tradie looking to make the switch to electric, these vans that are now available are some of the first of their kind in Australia and can go up to 350 km on a single charge. 

No matter if you're in the solar installation or electrical business, transportation and delivery, or just want to do your part in reducing emissions, we might just have the perfect work vehicle for you. AND it's ready for delivery right now!

And the even better part? There's HUGE savings on vehicle operating costs. Say goodbye to petrol stations and hello to "filling up" your new Business EV for less than $10 (depending on the battery size).

Have a quick look at the real life example here with our Co- founder Anthony where he even hops in the Peugeot e-Expert. Wait till he tells you how much he spent driving this Van from Sydney to Brisbane. (viewing time 1:30 mins) 

And the choice is increasing. Good Car have now got a fantastic range of Electric Vans configurations and options for the Citroen E-dispatch, Toyota ProAce, Peugeot e-Expert, and Vauxhall e-Combo.

These vans come with various fitouts (or no fitout at all, so you can customise it yourself), different trims, stylish designs, and batteries that range from 50 kWh up to 75 kWh. With a single charge, they can drive up to 300 km on the highway or 350 km in the city! 

And for all tradies out there looking to give your transportation a jolt but wondering on it carrying everything you have now, we've got the perfect solution - the Citroen E-dispatch Enterprise vans! These vans not only offer comfortable seating for 3 people but also an impressive range of 300km. Plus, they come with complete racking installed in the rear for all your storage needs. Customising your fitout is the same as any Van. 

And carrying weight - no worries. The Peugeot e-Expert is a great example where it either carries or tows up to 1 tonne loads. 

And this part of the transport mix isn't a one size fits all scenario either. Businesses will be pleased to hear there's solutions coming for all business shapes and sizes whether you're a freight business or a florist. 

Like the Vauxhall E-combo and Nissan E-NV200. These are more compact vans fitted with 40 and 50 kWh battery packs. These are great short trip runners and can get teammates and tools to site and into tight parking spaces. 

And below are just a glimpse of some of the options and choices in seats and space business can start to think about for that low emission solution.

It's a great step forward in opening up clean transport solutions where it can have even bigger impact on a businesses emissions and bottom line. 

For a look at your next step in your business electric vehicle journey take a look at the options available here.