Kicking off 2023 with our biggest number of available electric cars

At Good Car Co. it's all about accelerating the transition to electric transport for a cleaner future. We're doing this now by not just providing access to high quality affordable EV's, but we now have our biggest range and number of vehicles arriving ready to find a new owner to start 2023. 

How are they available now with no waiting time?

Last year we started importing the largest number of high quality pre-owned EVs we've ever taken on thanks to backing and support from Boundless and Cameron Adams, putting electric vehicles within financial reach of regular Australian families and marking a significant step towards solving two of the biggest barriers to Australian EV adoption - supply and affordability.

Whilst many of the cars have already been pre-purchased by people keen to make the switch ASAP, we still have more cars than ever before that are going to be available and ready for ownership in a matter of weeks!


You can rest easy with quality that's guaranteed.

Good Car Co. is about access and affordability but we're also big on quality and service.

Every car we sell comes with the Good Car Guarantee so you can have peace of mind when it comes to the quality of your new affordable EV no matter what the price! See more detail below on the guarantees we put behind every car including batteries.


Hear from Joel who recently received delivery of his Nissan Leaf

And here's a few of the cars that could be yours to start 2023!

Just to give you a snapshot of the quality on offer, we've hand picked a few of the fantastic cars that will soon be ready to take delivery.

2017 Nissan Leaf AZE0 30 kWh  $29,390*

2017 Nissan Leaf AZE0 30 kWh exterior   6-Dec-18-2022-10-05-43-3422-PM  5-Dec-18-2022-10-05-44-4108-PMAn impressive example of the AZEO 30kW model which includes a Bose sound system. Only 20,500 km's and very good battery health for a car this age and a 360° reverse camera (not often seen on this model).

2017 Nissan Leaf ZE1 40 kWh  $37,390READY FOR DELIVERY NOW!

1-Dec-20-2022-12-03-54-6494-AM  4-Dec-20-2022-12-04-06-7632-AM  5-Dec-20-2022-12-04-04-8220-AMThis car has just completed all the required quality and compliance checks and is ready to ship today! A classic 40kW leaf at the highest trim level with intelligent cruise control, 360° reverse camera in the world's favourite car colour.

2017 Nissan Leaf ZE1 40 kWh  $37,990*

2-Jan-03-2023-12-08-13-9999-AM  10-Jan-03-2023-12-08-15-6066-AM  9-Jan-03-2023-12-08-17-7091-AMIn case the above car gets snatched up, this one is almost ready to own and very similar in features. A nice car with quality exterior and interior. A very high battery health (at 89.23%!). This ZE1 has many of the features such as 360° cameras, eco-mode, B-mode regeneration and e-pedal one foot driving as well as pro pilot cruise and driving control.

2017 Nissan Leaf ZE1 40 kWh  $38,390*

1-Jan-03-2023-01-19-45-9318-AM  6-Jan-03-2023-01-19-53-7834-AM  5-Dec-18-2022-10-05-44-4108-PMA very nice "candy apple" red. It seriously gets attention. 43,500kms on the odometer and very good battery health at 87.6%. This car also has many of the features such as 360° cameras, eco-mode, B-mode regeneration and e-pedal one foot driving as well as pro pilot cruise and driving control.

*prices exclude registration and government charges.


Those are just a few of the Nissan Leaf's available

If you would like to see all our cars available, click on the link below and if you want to talk specifically about the vehicles arriving soon you can always contact one of our friendly team members based in Hobart Tasmania, please give us a call on (03) 6121 4624 or send us an email at

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