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   Date: 13 August 2022

Healesville CORE Electric Vehicle Bulk-Buy

We are excited to be coming to Healesville on Saturday, 13 August for a 'Show and Shine'!

You're invited to come along to The MEMO, 235 Maroondah Highway, Healesville, on Saturday 13th from 1.00 - 4.00pm for our stand-out community event!

At the Show and Shine we will:

- showcase EVs available in the Bulk Buy,

- get you talking with local EV owners and ambassadors,

- give an EV presentation and host a Q&A so you can get the answers to all your questions, 

- take you for test rides.

Time to get up close and personal with the Nissan Leaf zE1 and AZEO! Get all the info you need, ask all the questions you like & meet some of the Good Car Co team in person.  

This will be a COVID-Safe event. Please RSVP  here.

This campaign is being rolled out now!

For the most up to date information please visit this page

The Good Car Company is proud to partner with Healesville CORE and the Yarra Valley Community Power Hub for the Yarra Valley Electric Vehicle Bulk-Buy.  

“Affordable” + “Electric Car” are words we have not been able to put together before. We are proud to be able to deliver a range of affordable electric vehicles to kickstart the decarbonisation of transport in Victoria.

Other benefits of choosing an electric vehicle through a bulk-buy include:

  • Lower fuel costs, less maintenance and lower cost of living;

  • Access to affordable and quality electric vehicles;

  • Bundled deals for installing home charging;

  • Zero particulates and no fumes:

  • Avoid service stations, holiday price gouging & oil wars; and

  • Great driving experience.

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Community Campaign

We welcome you to the bulk-buy and help you make an informed decision.  We arrange events, test drives, local video content, and a plethora of information via email.


Order a car

For the folks that have signed up we arrange contracts and go shopping! Our team buys the best electric cars and arranges shipping to Australia.



Woo Hoo, Healesville and surrounds get an influx of 100% electric cars.  You can show off to your friends and drive away emissions-free.

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Bulk-Buy Car Models

We are presenting a range of 100% electric.

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