Nissan Leaf ZE1 e+ 62 kWh

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  • 62 kWhBattery
  • 2018-20Year
  • HatchBody
  • 297-351 km (highway/town)Estimated Range


AU$47,000 - AU$57,000

The longest range Nissan Leaf available. Well apointed and sturdy EV for the longer road trip.
AU$47,000 - AU$57,000
Leaf ZE1 e+
Country of Origin
Body Type
Trim level
Battery size kWh
62 kWh
Battery range
297-351 km (highway/town)
Battery SOH
Minimum 90%
Special Features
The longest range Nissan Leaf available. Well apointed and sturdy EV for the longer road trip.
Drive modes
Fully Automatic with eco-mode, B-mode regeneration and e-pedal one foot driving.
Cruise control type
Pro-pilot adaptive cruise control
Stereo interface language conversion with access to Apple Carplay and Android Auto
Camera details
Reverse camera
No. of Airbags
Heated seats & steering wheel
Battery Warranty
3 Years or 36,000km whichever occurs first
7 day return policy, with 6 months mechanical warranty

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  • Tested Battery
  • Less Than 60,000 Kms
  • 2 Years Or 24,000 Kms Battery Warranty

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