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The Goodcar National EV subsidy

We have re-launched our own Goodcar EV Subsidy, worth up to $3,000!

With 15 million petrol cars still guzzling fuel, it's high time we make EV’s even more pocket-friendly than ever before.

In the face of disappearing Govt incentives in a time that we need more action, we've released our very own EV subsidy that offers up to $3,000 off a Goodcar.

This is a fully funded initiative by Good Car to make a point and help more access the value of EVs 

With fairness at the forefront, our aim is to make it easier for ALL Australians to switch to electric vehicles.

Believe it or not, driving a petrol car actually costs more per month compared to buying an EV and powering it up with your home's electricity. Then add in servicing costs and higher maintenance requirements, and your petrol car becomes a literal money pit.  Petrol car drivers are a massive $2,500 - $3,000 poorer every year!  Over five years, making the switch to electric driving can save the average household a jaw-dropping $12,500-$15,000. 

And the folks who need those savings the most can least afford a brand new car - that's where our EV subsidy steps in.


Most Australians buy pre-owned petrol cars, more costly to run and own.

Subsidies can be an incredibly powerful tool if structured correctly.

But there's a drawback in Australia – the EV subsidies provided by governments have only ever applied to brand new vehicles.

The automotive industry reports that a little over 1,000,000 NEW CARS are sold every year. In the meantime over 3,000,000 used cars are bought and sold every year. The majority of average car buyers in this country buy pre-owned vehicles.

So why are we not helping the majority of Australians make the switch to electric rather than stay stuck in a world of increasing costs of running a dirty smelly petrol car?

In real terms, New EVs are still unaffordable for many Australians and will remain so for quite some time.

We believe this is a huge opportunity for our governments to ease cost of living but also accelerate the transition to cleaner transport. It means that the incredible savings households can experience by switching to an EV are simply out of reach for the majority.

And that's why we're taking matters into our own hands. We firmly believe that subsidies can be designed in a better way, and we're backing up our words with action.

Introducing our means-tested subsidy up to $3,000. With our help, an average Australian household can save up to $15,000 in car costs over a span of 5 years. That's goodness in action.

Petrol and inflation

Add your voice to the call for greater support for all Australians to make the switch

We started the Good Car Company because we are in a climate crisis.

We recognised the importance of switching to electric vehicles (EVs). Now we need to get all Governments to help make the EV transition happen, and support EVs for all!

This transition and the benefits to those struggling with cost of living is happening too slowly.

Helping more people ease the cost of living and giving petrol the flick 

EVs will help break the cost of living pressures for so many

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Electrify Everything

EVs are the single biggest action we can take to electrify our homes and lives. Powered by a future of renewable energy, it's the movement we need to create real change for our climate and communities .  

Good Car Co is a certified Social Enterprise and we work throughout Australia to deliver more affordable EVs.  

We are proud to be doing our part to transition to a sustainable future, one car at a time and help more people access the economic benefits of clean electric transport. 

For more info on what Good Car Co and other like minded organisations are doing in terms of positive action click on the below.